Information for hotel New Otani Inn Sapporo accommodation of Sapporo, Hokkaido, restaurant bridal banquet

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New Otani Inn Sapporo
〒060-0002 Nishi 1-1-1, Kita-2-joi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
TEL: 011-222-1111
It is _03 to customer of corporation contract company
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It is advantageous and is easy and, by corporation contract of Hotel New Otani in Sapporo, can have staying application with precedence.

The best rate strict promise
In comparison with general sale rate, reservation at low is always possible at the time of reservation.
We are concluded with net
Notification over telephone is unnecessary. We can perform vacancy confirmation, reservation, change, cancellation online anytime 24 hours a day, every day.
Mobile correspondence
We cope with online reservation with cellular phone and smartphone. Please use page for exclusive use of mobile version.

It supports the card settlement
After the reservation, the settlement in card is possible beforehand, too. Of course you can use for prior payment of important staying invitation.
※Only reservation from PC supports.

WiFi correspondence

  • Online reservation for exclusive use of customer of corporation contract company
  • Confirmation, change, cancellation of reservation contents
  • Customer of the use is this by for the first time online reservation
  • Confirmation, change of customer registration information
  • Restaurant- restaurant
  • Morning buffet- breakfast buffet
  • Banquet- meeting, banquet room
  • Staying in Business Plan- training plan
  • A lot of Stay Plan- accommodation plan

About Hotel New Otani in Sapporo corporation contract company enrollment application

  1. We do not have enrollment costs, annual convention costs at all.
  2. After that it should be automatic update every one year without proposal of the cancellation of a contract or contents change than either as one year on expiration date.
  3. Enrollment procedure is limited to company resident in Japan.
  4. As it takes time for approximately approximately one week before you use after having you propose, we will tell by email as soon as we are ready.

※As for the payment, payment of the person who is used on that day becomes basics. (the prior card settlement is excluded)

Customer that contract is hoped for hopes that we have you read "corporation contract company terms" before application by all means.

Corporation contract company terms
  1. When change occurs in your company's name, address, person in charge, contact information, sorry for your inconvenience, but I would like notification to hotel.
    Contents for change contact information phone number reservation section 011-222-9156
  2. About personal information that had you fill out, we observe laws and ordinances and this hotel privacy policy and try for personal information protection. which confirms privacy policy
  3. About payment, in the case of hope such as company request, please note that you carry out to company which confirmed the constant use results later.
  4. It should be one year on expiration date of the contract. After that than either of proposal of the cancellation of a contract or contents change should be automatic update every one year as far as there is not.
  5. Cancellation of qualification
    • When there are not the results than the use on the last day for one year. (the automatic cancellation of a contract)
    • When we report falsehood at the time of the enrollment.
    • When address, all contact information including contact information become unclear.
    • When you cannot pay rates such as the hotel charges by hotel article.
    • When accomodation clause and use rule are not adhered rigidly to.
    • When it is admitted that we performed criminal act.
    • In addition, when we judge that our hotel is inappropriate.
  6. When you have agreement in "Hotel New Otani in Sapporo corporate enterprise contract terms" in contract and use this service, we consider to have consented to these terms.

HRT nyuota two
nyuota two in Sapporo

We propose the corporation contract company enrollment

[inquiry by telephone, FAX] Reservation section TEL011-222-9156 FAX 011-222-5521