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New Otani Inn Sapporo
〒060-0002 Nishi 1-1-1, Kita-2-joi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
TEL: 011-222-1111
Breakfast buffet

Hotel New Otani in Sapporo is substantial Hokkaido gourmet menu from morning

Breakfast buffet of "dining & cafe rendezvous lounge"

Substantial lineup that "tastes of Hokkaido" were inlaid with.

Menu only in Sapporo including "miso ramen" comes up let alone Hokkaido ingredients, too.

Please enjoy buffet keeping approximately 50 articles of Japanese, Western, Chinese.

6:30a.m. - 9:30a.m.
1F dining & cafe rendezvous lounge
Adult 2,400 yen (tax/service charge included)
Child (4 years old - primary schoolchild) 1,000 yen (tax/service charge included)
Free of charge less than 3 years old

Three Hokkaido ingredients are the highest grades of star class! We prepared "Hokkaido menu" utilized material.

Bamboo steamer steaming of << Hokkaido light which came >>

We have abundant vitamin C, vitamin B1, dietary Fiber, potassium and potato which is representative ingredients of Hokkaido is low-calorie. "Light which came" has much quantity of carotene, and vitamin C nearly approximately 1.5 times of "baron potato" is included in particular.

Bamboo steamer steaming of << Hokkaido light which came >>

Bamboo steamer steaming of << Hokkaido pumpkin >>

Representative of carotene vitamin B complex, dietary Fiber-rich green vegetable. Please enjoy overjoyed pumpkin which grew on the very large earth of Hokkaido.

Bamboo steamer steaming of << Hokkaido pumpkin >>

Salad of << Cosmo leaf from Iwamizawa >>

Lettuce which we brought up by non-chemical LED light cultivation.
Nutritious is 15 times of "alley thing" with richness carotene vitamin A. There is very little bitterness, and there is no immaturity.
It is flexible like silk skin, and fresh and young sweetness is full of fresh softly.

Salad of << Cosmo leaf from Iwamizawa >>

Omelette of << salad feeling egg >>

Because all the feed main raw material to give chicken uses only high quality raw materials which are vegetable, taste that is refreshing without smelling fishy Saga, and is fresh.
In addition, it is recommended to height of growth which child and osteoporosis are anxious about as we strengthen vitamin D promoting calcium.
(plane and black vinegar sauce hook today's)

Omelette of salad feeling egg

Tamago kake gohan of << salad feeling egg >>

Representative status of Japanese breakfast menu and one article to be able to say. You put soy sauce for exclusive use of discerning tamago kake gohan, and please have.
"We take soy sauce for exclusive use of << tamago kake gohan to rice for egg!" >>
Using soy sauce and mirin, it is soy sauce for exclusive use of tamago kake gohan utilized skipjack and umami flavor of kelp. It is pastel sewing to enhance color of egg yolk.

Tamago kake gohan of << salad feeling egg >>

<< Nanatsuboshi >>

We are made most in Hokkaido rice and are "face" of Hokkaido rice which shined in seasoning ranking in prime "* A". Even if luster, tenacity, balance of sweetness die down at preeminence, taste lasts a long time.

<< Nanatsuboshi >>

<< J cereal (Japanese cereal) >>

Domestic eight kinds of cereals rice which blended eight kinds of cereals of bubble, inakibi, Indian millet, black rice, amaranthus, Red Rice, green rice, brown rice with one of Hotel New Otani original. Healthy cereals which have high nutritious including polyphenol other than dietary Fiber, protein, vitamin, mineral. "It gets loose and, anchiieijingu effect of prevention" "activation of cell" "turnover promotion of skin" "removal of active oxygen", prevents sudden rise of blood sugar level again, and diet effect can expect health benefit of "osteoporotic measures" which "the bowels are healthy" "cholesterol drop" "lipid metabolism improvement", too. It is one article that health tooishizao Hotel New Otani to investigate recommends.

<< J cereal (Japanese cereal) >>

<< shiokara from Hakodate >>

Of "rice" of toshite popularity, to expensive shiokara, is use with unloading best Hokkaido squid in Japan. It is recommended to eat on burning hot steamed potato.

<< Hokkaido shiokara >>

<< Hokkaido Sarobetsu milk >>

As for the milk squeezed out of milk cow which lived mainly on grass growing in the very large Sarobetsu wilderness, mineral is plentiful! Please enjoy taste that is full of flavors.

<< Hokkaido Sarobetsu milk >>

<< forest of Hokkaido picture in watercolors >>

Pure pure natural water that blessing, nature of the north earth kept on polishing.
It is mineral water which is kind to body, and is delicious by security.

<< forest of Hokkaido picture in watercolors >>

<< soft cutlet gene >>

It is said that origin of the name of cutlet gene is "source (live source) of vitality" and features unique rich taste.
It is Hokkaido-limited lactic acid bacteria drink which is loved more than half a century by native of Hokkaido after we are born early in the Showa era.
In addition, we are caught for implication of gene bearer whom we told "to win examination" by the name and are drink accepted widely by citizen of Hokkaido of popularity.

<< soft cutlet gene >>

It is discerning menu of Hotel New Otani in Sapporo.

Speaking of specialty of Sapporo after all
<< Sapporo miso ramen >>

Soup and egg noodles specially made by Hotel New Otani are matching of exquisiteness. We offer miso and seaweed cone butter excellent at affinity in topping. You can enjoy favorite Sapporo ramen in you.

Speaking of specialty of Sapporo after all << Sapporo miso ramen >>

Healthy with health << today's Japanese dishes >>

Healthy, healthy Japanese dishes which "is delicious to body" assembles in full force.
You can enjoy hijikia fusiformis, Hokkaido product cut kelp, grated yam, Niku-jaga, kimpira gobo, dried radish strips, Hokkaido product red kidney bean every day in rotation.

Healthy with health << today's Japanese dishes >>

Hotel New Otani in Sapporo naradehano
<< full-scale Chinese fried >>

Chinese menu excellent at affinity with rice is full-scale taste due to hand of Chinese food cook. We excite volume perfect score, appetite still more.
You can enjoy "fried bean paste of chicken" "grilled chicken" "to do shin of chicken, and to fry" every day in rotation.

"Real Chinese food" only in Hotel New Otani in Sapporo!

Chinese chef specialty dish
<< "effect salt" Yakisoba >>

With discerning salt sause and Kansai-style secret ingredient, both ingredients and noodles drew maximum umami flavor. Affinity with sticky noodles is outstanding, too. You put "black vinegar of 捔 Shida" for preference, and please have.

Chinese chef specialty dish << "effect salt" Yakisoba >>

Soft and fluffy texture is unbearable
<< special pancake >>

Pancake which chef who used ricotta luxuriously bakes by demonstration. Soft and fluffy texture such as souffle is exquisite. Maple syrup offered three kinds of Golden umber dark. Please with butter with Honey.

Special pancake that soft and fluffy texture is unbearable

Easy sweetness and moist feeling
<< sweet corn muffin >>

It is one article of popularity in bread corner. We baked using fresh egg and fresh cream with moisture. It is Hotel New Otani original muffin that easy sweetness of sweet corn and pop feeling are unbearable.

Easy sweetness and moist feeling sweet corn muffin

We used organic soybeans
<< soybean milk >>

Tofu which used 100% of organic soybean is no adjustment soybean milk of soybean solidity ingredient 10% who can do it. Soybean ingredients such as isoflavone, soy protein enter well, and it is more low-calorie than milk, and there is an effect to constipation cancellation and fair skin.

Using organic soybeans << soybean milk >>

The skill of blender shines
≪Hotel New Otani original blend≫

In one cup of "of" healing after a meal, please enjoy Hotel New Otani original blended coffee of deep taste.
We offer exclusive paper cup for take-outs.

"Hotel New Otani original blend" that the skill of blender shines as for the coffee


Using western dishes egg, vegetables from Hokkaido, it kept menu utilized taste of material.

Full-scale menu by Chinese Chinese chef is good to affinity with rice.

It is "health side dish" which is kind to body in the Japanese dishes Hel sea.

[day substitute side dish] Than the following four articles


It is menu of "in rice, noodles Hokkaido rice, Sapporo ramen ..." Hokkaido Nara.

Salad bar fresh vegetables are plentiful.



Drink station

We may stop change of ingredients or menu offer as follows. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
※Menu contents may be changed by the arrival situation of ingredients.
※Country of origin, the place of origin of ingredients may vary according to the arrival situation.
※Of ingredients is available in limited quantities. Forgive on out of stock.
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Dining & cafe rendezvous lounge
Tel. 011-222-1522 [directly]