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New Otani Inn Sapporo
〒060-0002 Nishi 1-1-1, Kita-2-joi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
TEL: 011-222-1111
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Car sharing service [Times carp RAS] guidance

In Hotel New Otani in Sapporo, we offer car sharing service.

With car sharing

Car use immediately three minutes after "car is usable freely when it is necessary" and can use by unit as new means of transportation anytime for 15 minutes for 24 hours and reserved, and gasoline cost and premium do not suffer at all. Please inflect in every scene as foot of business trip and sightseeing.

It is ... at such time 

As "we have missed the last train by overtime work, "walking around the city by sightseeing a little", please use which "we want to use car on business trip" for returns by car" by all means.

On the use

Reservation is necessary at the time of sign-in to "Times carp RAS" and the use.

≫Sign-in from this

※Member card is sent out in a minimum period of five business days after required document arrived at the Times carp RAS secretariat.


As <initial expense> card issuance fee 1,550 yen
<basic monthly fee> individual, family 1,030 yen student, corporation for free
<charge> short charge 15 minutes / 206 yen
<facial mask rate> six hours facial mask 4,020 yen other 12 hours, 24 hours facial mask early knight late night

Station setting place 

Two parking lot permanent residence in front of the Hotel New Otani in Sapporo front entrance

Car model 

Toyota "siesta" (yellow silver)

Inquiry about car sharing
Times toll free number (24 hours acceptance)
Tel. 0120-20-5037
Inquiry (reservation) about staying
Reservation section
Tel. 011-222-9156