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New Otani Inn Sapporo
〒060-0002 Nishi 1-1-1, Kita-2-joi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
TEL: 011-222-1111

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New Otani Inn Sapporo geomancy judging from Feng shui

Shall we go to power spot together?

With that alone it becomes fun and gets well something or other from the depths of body when we receive such an invitation.
They came to hear by TV show or weekly for the word, a little "power spot" well, but do thing, whom, in fact, there was in Feng shui know the origin?

We regard "flow of energy = mind of the earth" as important in old Feng shui. In the case of Hokkaido, energy = dragon pulse (ryumyaku) that went out of spout hole, Mount Yotei called Soyama (sozan) is inflow in Hokkaido Jingu from Maruyama via Jozankei - Mount Moiwa. And this "dragon" joins another energy which went south through Mount Teine from Shakotan Peninsula on approach to a shrine (the neighborhood of reclamation Shinto shrine) of the major shrine precincts and it is strong power and drifts towards television tower from Odori park.

※As for the main subject, as for the All About which it is what list in "power of Sapporo judging from Feng shui" in detail, and is interested, please see by all means

Reclamation Shinto shrine

Let alone Mount Moiwa and Maruyama that are on the above-mentioned energy route, this Hokkaido Jingu is place that can acquire strong Feng shui energy what even if we say. Furthermore, point where two "dragons" join, "reclamation Shinto shrine" in the major shrine precincts are power spots of super recommendation.


We diverge, and energy which entered Sapporo center at Hokkaido Jingu through Odori Park drifts to the north and the south in former wound Narikawa of television tower. It is New Otani Inn Sapporo to draw power of this "dragon" going north well.

This energy introduction device is spherical fountain at the entrance of hotel. We focus very much saying, "fountain of entrance causes fortune luck" in China. Special fountain called "manekizairyuanasuiban" that fountain in particular turns ball of stone and carries energy in is Feng shui item of secret. Ball-formed fountain, water ball at the entrance of Hotel New Otani in Sapporo improves "mind" of the entrance by flow of moving water, and it may be right said with "strong Feng shui tool" calling in "dragons" going north from Odori park.


 Groundwater which characteristic of this another Feng shui provides in hall. Even if you know from the word that "energy is carried by "wind" and remains" in "water" that became the etymology of Feng shui, energy of the earth is included in groundwater. Even if groundwater of Hotel New Otani in Sapporo taking in energy which spouted out from Mount Yotei abundantly right calls itself "Feng shui power water", it will not be exaggeration.

 It may be special privilege only in Feng shui city, Sapporo that we are absent slowly in hotel where it is said, and is full of energy after having made a tour of power spots of Hokkaido Jingu or Maruyama, and can spend ... such deluxe time to charge power with dishes which it is said, and were made with water including energy.

Geomancer, Shuichi Otani of the north

Shuichi Otani profile

Geomancer resident in Hokkaido. "Feng shui travel" that it crossed Feng shui and trip to be good.
We perform design advice of Feng shui architecture while being engaged in marriage, moving, company consultation and build "Feng shui house" in Hakodate, Kitami, Kushiro, Nakashibetsu and each place including Sapporo.
In addition, we host Feng shui society and open a course in Feng shui, course of easy fortune-telling and send much attendance student out every year in the life.
All of the road is collected data on at "Feng shui travel, Hokkaido power spot sight-seeing coverage book which we published in 2011 easily". We collect sightseeing and gourmet, hot spring, information of famous clear water while building information network with tourist association of each place. We develop wide activity under the theme of "Feng shui and sightseeing" now in Hokkaido while building network with tourist association of each place and local key person.
In addition, we often appear on local TV and get favorable reception from audience as good luck adviser as the power spot introducer of Hokkaido again. We are sending sightseeing, event information of Hokkaido and gourmet information as All About, official Hokkaido guide in the site.

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"Easily Feng shui travel, Hokkaido" (in 2008, publish from kashiwarosha)
"Easily Feng shui travel, Hokkaido power spot sight-seeing" (publish from 2011 nenkashiwarosha)

We produce "Feng shui travel, Hokkaido power spot sight-seeing DVD book easily" 2013 and sell
It is Power Spot In Hokkaido “ production, sale power spot DVD English version "Let' t Go for 2,014 years
Industry first Feng shui comics start "judgment memorandum of geomancer, Shuichi" in Hokkaido Walker in 2014 and are publishing favorable reception serially now.