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New Otani Inn Sapporo
〒060-0002 Nishi 1-1-1, Kita-2-joi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
TEL: 011-222-1111

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History history of Hotel New Otani in Sapporo

■ The hotel appearance at the time
■ Open ceremony
There was the Hokkaido Regional Forestry Office on the back of hotel, and there were few buildings like building around hotel.
Including President late Otani, we had you attend Mayor Itagaki tape cutting.
■ Sketch image before open
▲ The hotel appearance
▲ Front entrance
▲ 1F lobby
▲ Rendezvous lounge
▲ Four season
▲ 2F banquet room lobby
▲ Between 2F crane
■ Hotel introspectiveness at the time of open
▲ 1F front desk
▲ 1F lobby
▲ Rendezvous lounge
▲ Four season
▲ Bar oak room
▲ Morning sun hall (hall which there was in 4F)
▲ Open original guest room (guest room)
▲ State of fire-practice before the opening of business
▲ State of kitchen security prayer before the opening of business
■ nammosa stove unveiling ceremony (sculptor, Masayuki Nagare)

▲ In commemoration of the hotel opening of business, "Sweet&Swing" which was Hotel New Otani Tokyo "garden lounge" exclusive belonging band comes up in those days in main street beer garden Asahi Breweries venue. We had visit visitor enjoy by performance of fascination.
■ The first NOC choice golf tour is held
▲ Subway Tozai Line (Shiraishi - Shinsapporo) opening (Hokkaido Shimbun offer)
▲ Sapporo Station (Hokkaido Shimbun offer) at the time of the hotel opening of business
▲ Roof completion (Hokkaido Shimbun offer) of raccoon dog alley
■ Takanosato yokozuna appointment celebration
■ The Tokyo Disneyland opening of business
In the next year of the hotel opening of business, spend two years four months from start of construction type,
"Kingdom door of dream and magic" opened.
■ Imperial Court dinner, reproduction event
We actually hold reproduction event based on know-how that gave a service at Imperial Court dinner. We dress fully let alone dress code.
■ A population of 1,500,000 breakthrough
■ First Japanese satellite broadcasting begins
■ New bill issuance of 10,000 yen, 5,000 yen, 1,000 yen
■ Cake buffet holding
Cake buffet is performed in various places in now, but is still rare in those days,
The situation made line and came.
■ International science and technology exposition Tsukuba holding (Tsukuba exhibition)
Under the theme of human being, the residence, environment and technology
It is held to 3/17 - 9/16 for 184 days,
It became special exhibition history best visitors record of 20,334,727 at the time.
■ The first Asia winter season competition holding (the first winter season Asia)
By international general tournament for the Asia region,
As for the winter season meeting, first Sapporo; became held.
■ Earth approach that it is 76 years since the last Halley's comet
■ Charity dinner bowl
It is held six times for 1987 through 1992. Event which could enjoy dance in full orchestra in hotel was rare and it was held, and representative existence "Benny Goodman orchestra" of swing jazz participated in 1988 and was performed brilliantly in those days. In addition, we contributed a part of the sales to UNICEF by cooperation with Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting (UHB).
■ Moratorium on spike tire regulations establishment
■ Japanese National Railways division and privatization
■ The subway Toho Line (Sakaemachi - Hosuisusukino) opening of business
■ Seikan Tunnel opening
It is number one in Japan for tunnel for means of transportation for 53.85km in total length.
■ nuvopati
It is held five times for 1989 through 1993. It became pioneer event of nouveau boom that Hotel New Otani Tokyo transported Beaujolais Nouveau of "Joseph doruan company" by air from London bureau in 1976.
■ The secretariat is born with a smile
As part of "it is smile service" smile campaign, the secretariat is birth with a smile. Approach for smile was carried out from this secretariat.
■ It is Their Majesties Emperor, empress visit in conjunction with the 25th whole country person with a physical disability athletic meet attendance
■ The first pashifikumyujikkufesutibaru holding
■ Bubble economic collapse
■ New Tokyo Metropolitan Government open agency
■ The tenth anniversary of the opening
State of Hotel the tenth anniversary of the opening party.
The staff at the time
■ Ten years of United Nations person with a disability
In commemoration of "United Nations person with a disability ten years" most lifetime northern city meeting (employee society)
We participate by volunteer as part of hotel activity of the tenth anniversary.
We contributed profit that we sold at branch.
■ The first good point thick so orchid Festival
We begin with participation ten teams, number of the participants 1,000, number of the audience mobilization 200,000,
It became great occasion that approximately 30,000 number of the participants and approximately 2 million audiences gathered for now.
■ To Japanese astronaut Mori space
■ Chapel new construction
■ Chapel dedication ceremony
■ 1993.94 years, various restaurant fair
Each 1993 udon, tuna, bowl fair /1994 age cherry blossom viewing, each hair restoring cherry fair
■ Rainbow Bridge completion
■ Cherry blossom viewing dessert buffet holding
■ To the Japanese first space woman Mukai space
■ Bridal dress memorial day holding
■ The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake
■ Consadole Sapporo birth
■ Round-the-clock television
"Love saves the earth", and round-the-clock television sets up collecting box in front of hotel.
■ FM north wave music presentation "bridal Eve" holding
We introduce bridal music "BEST50" where FM north wave selected music in countdown form.
■ The 15th anniversary of the opening Christmas dinner show
■ We raise to 5% of consumption tax rate
■ Kichiemon Nakamura talk show holding
■ Nagano Winter Olympics holding
In Nagano-shi, Nagano, the last Olympics are held in the 20th century.
■ The subway Tozai Line (Kotoni - Miyanosawa) opening of business
■ Newly-issued bank note 2,000 yen note issuance
■ Tokyo DisneySea Universal Studios Japan opening of the park
■ The 20th anniversary of the opening Shogo Kariyazaki Christmas dinner show
■ FIFA World Cup holding
Holding first in Asia by Japan-Korea combination.
■ The JR tower opening of business
■ Terrestrial digital broadcast launch
■ Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters birth
■ New bill issuance of 10,000 yen, 5,000 yen, 1,000 yen
■ Isamu Noguchi design (Moerenuma park) completion
■ The world of Kihachi Kumagai
We invite owner chef Kihachi Kumagai of KIHACHI and hold city hotel first event.
■ The first Tokyo marathon is held
■ Lake Toya Summit
We took charge of Korea and Indian press center, and President Lee Myung-bak was visited for press center inspection in Korea on July 8.
■ The first good old sing-together restaurant holding
We hold the first "sing-together restaurant" in city hotel.
It is becoming popular event having you hold four times a year and participate toward a lot of every time now.
■ Tsutomu Ochiai charity lunch & dinner holding
We hold event that we invite owner chef Tsutomu Ochiai of la bettora da Ochiai. Chef Ochiai is from Hotel New Otani and is holding event regularly now in Hotel New Otani group hotel.
■ A population of 1,900,000 breakthrough of Sapporo
■ Rib land is open as New Otani Inn Sapporo
■ The Great East Japan Earthquake
■ Event holding Yoko Aramaki, Ikkokudo, intricate design alley kimimaro dinner show of the 30th anniversary of the hotel opening of business
With thanks everyday in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the opening
Invite first intricate design alley kimimaroo as popular Yoko Aramaki and city hotel dinner show in those days
We had everybody please.
■ The Skytree
634m in height is the number one in the world for existing broadcasting tower.
■ Park jazz live holding (Sapporo city jazz) first in bar oak room
■ The first supermarket sweets buffet holding
Contents are revival with "cake buffet" which went to the beginning of opening of business newly, too.
It became held quite popular event twice a year now.
■ Somegoro Ichikawa dinner show holding
We hold the first Somegoro Ichikawa dinner show in city hotel.
It was good opportunity to have you know pleasure of Kabuki.
■ We hold the first office cookoff
It is held to this age for the purpose of technical improvement of the cooking staff for the first time.
We came to perform contest of the service staff in addition from the next year.
■ Natural comfort floor "zen" open
We take color mainly on green including carpet Bet throw in motif in "nature" of Hokkaido, and it is contents which emphasized design that was particular about comfort of nature in comfort.
■ Curling girl world championship player accommodation
■ Rendezvous lounge renewal
To be easy to use even one; on the window side counter seat,
We thought, and buffet counter founded functional serious consideration newly, too.
■ Environmental hygiene mayor commendation
Hygiene state is excellent for many years,
It became approved receiving a prize when we contributed to civic hygiene.