Information for hotel New Otani Inn Sapporo accommodation of Sapporo, Hokkaido, restaurant bridal banquet

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New Otani Inn Sapporo
〒060-0002 Nishi 1-1-1, Kita-2-joi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
TEL: 011-222-1111

It is the second floor of TSURU banquet room between crane

Banquet room on the second floor

Between the second floor of Hotel New Otani in Sapporo banquet room "crane"

It is TSURU between crane
It is large banquet room that is available to 600 people to 500 people for taking a seat in buffet party.
From rollout to international conference, we will meet by the most suitable direction as multipurpose hall available widely.
[area] All rooms 775m2 (235 tsubos)
[studding] 5.5m
[use] Banquet, international conference, general meeting, various exhibitions, presentations.
[facilities] BGM sound device, light control device, large screen, spot lighting installation, signboard, flag suspension art baton, monitor room

Key concept

  1. 1.High-grade banquet of Hotel New Otani including guesthouse service.
  2. 2.Taste and service large banquet room together primary in Sapporo-shi with reputation.
  3. 3.Interior that made way chicken "white crane with a red crest" of Hokkaido which symbolized leap, flight motif.

Grand banquet room where way chicken "white crane with a red crest" of Hokkaido flew in head highly was reborn afresh. For large-scale special events such as international conference, appointment announcement, anniversary memory, we offer hospitality by taste and service only in Hotel New Otani. The exclusive duty staff with high technique and sensitivity makes full use of sound and light and patronizes activeness of gathering still more.

  • Direction that is close by light control control that is possible in the scene memory on thought.
  • Art baton is fully equipped with four going up and down types, rigid seven. You can utilize for various venue construction.
  • By setting of 32ch audio mixer table, we realize sound effects of broadcasting station class.
  • Three can toe the mark in sliding wall to purpose of use.
  • You can use a certain space front chamber depending on purpose including reception desk, waiting for corner, waiting room.


Lighting console
Visitor train (possible separately collective operation)
Parallelism outlet
Parallelism direct outlet
Floor parallelism outlet
Model T outlet
Special power supply outlet
Special power supply
100V 600A
200V 250A (special place distinction)
Three pin spots
Four electric pin spots
12 Par light (PL-10 type)
16 DF light (FI-6H)
Sound facilities
Audio mixer table
Four cassette tape decks
Two CD Players
Two MD players
Four wireless microphones
Three memory audio system recorders
One digital effector
Ten main speaker systems
Two floor monitor systems

Table plan

It is table plan between the second floor of Hotel New Otani in Sapporo banquet room "crane"


It is sketch between the second floor of Hotel New Otani in Sapporo banquet room "crane"

Seating capacity table

Banquet room Seating capacity Area
Taking a seat Buffet School Theater Acreage Area Studding X frontage X depth
Between crane All rooms 500 600 500 1,000 235 tsubos 775m2 5.5*43.6*17.8m
Between the whole east 300 360 300 500 150 tsubos 495m2 5.5*28.5*17.8m
Between Nishinaka 250 300 250 400 120 tsubos 395m2 5.5*22.7*17.8m
During the east 200 240 200 300 115 tsubos 380m2 5.5*20.9*17.8m
During the west 150 180 150 200 85 tsubos 280m2 5.5*15.1*17.8m
During the inside 70 80 70 100 35 tsubos 115m2 5.5*7.6*15.0m